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Oct 09, 2022

Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing Route Optimization Software

In addition to an existing ERP in an organization, a route optimization software is significant as it not only helps a business get optimized distribution results. It creates an environment of trackable, trustable and secured delivery.

Route optimization software is a valued addition to your company not just because it can help you identify the most efficient routes for your deliveries but it can also affect your entire company’s bottom line through cost effective preventative measures (via transparency and insights) and being time efficient at the same time.

Following are the key factors to consider in order to choose route optimization software:

1. Real-time data support:

Amidst all the facilities and support an integrated route optimization software can provide, this is so far the most valued and advanced one. Real-time data analysis plays a key factor in making the right money and time-efficient decisions for your company. This helps with proper on-time deliveries, better adherence with SLAs, can easily calculate ETAs using algorithms and real time traffic updates. All of these contribute to a time-efficient service and ensures customer satisfaction.

2. Order-vehicle facilitation:

There are endless sort of products that get made in the factories every day, and each one of them are in different categories and has different ideal shipping conditions. Their order-vehicle requirements are often not maintained due to ignorance, whereas using a software won’t just easily tell you the vehicle requirements (i.e., temperature control for meds, fragile items, electronics, etc.) but also make necessary adjustments for the given shipment.

3. Geocoding:

Geocoding is also one of the most important factors as it makes sure products are shipped to the correct addresses without any delay or misplacement. As addresses can be really tricky and easily prone to mistakes, geocoding is the only way to get accurate locations with foolproof latitude and longitude coordinates, which will result in minimal added fuel cost and time mismanagement while making any deliveries.

4. Historical data inspection:

Historical data inspection is a very meticulous feature of the route optimization software. Through this, your software is able to draw out important and necessary data insights regarding the driver, receiving client and also any time of the day of any place of the town. By this, you can prevent possibilities of double road time, extra fuel cost, and also past failed delivery attempts.

5. Rider preference consideration:

The main part of every delivery are the drivers, and it is important that your company schedules its shipments according to their preferences and solve their issues with the vehicle or routes to obtain the optimum results every time. It is crucial for the company’s betterment that the rider’s preferences are heard and worked with accordingly. And it’s important to make sure your route optimization software can take all the preferences into account and layout the scheduling accordingly.

6. Change Management:

Change management is an important part of the transition of any business from manual route planning to route optimization software. For people and departments who still prefer to handle the entire operation in the traditional method, the solution can easily be managed through your software provider by assembling an on-hand expert crew to monitor and supervise the changes to ensure a smooth and gradual transition.

7. Analytics and report management:

Analytics and report management is the most technical and core portion of the software that helps the company regulate and operate every task smoothly and from one central command with all the applications in one screen. All the data analysis and real-time data management is conducted through analytics and report management allowing your company to compare its performance, compare routes and and choose the best option for optimum results.

8. Dynamic Route Planning:

Dynamic route planning is what your company needs when a sudden re-route or added stop occurs. It helps your fleet to pick out the best possible route in a matter of minutes and also for emergency orders or any modifications at all, dynamic route planning can hand out the perfect solution. And it’s really important to have this in your route optimization software to suit your business with uncalled-for and sudden situations.

Nuport Route Optimization Software.

As mentioned above, all these attributes are what makes your company’s route optimization software capable of handling all the demands of your distribution department.

And it is equally important to pick out the best fitting software as per your company’s requirements in order to reach its full potential and draw out optimum results.

To avail these experts supervised applications and ticket to a completely transformed future, book a demo today!

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