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However you want to use Nuport for your manufacturing, distribution or warehousing business, we are here for you.

What are the challenges?

Multiple Data Points

Geographically distributed sales force means multiple sources of data entry at various different times

Inefficient Inventory

Uncategorized product lines contribute to slower order fulfillment process and high administration costs

Manual KPI Measurement

Difficult to effectively measure performance KPIs

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Our Solution

Nuport provide some quick solution for Order Management

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Field Sales

With Nuport, your field sales force is better equipped with an integrated, geolocation based order management system that records orders right from the source.

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Quickly Approve

Your office staff can quickly approve or flag orders instantly thereby speeding up fulfilment and avoiding costly mistakes.

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Team's KPIs

Of course, measuring your team's KPIs is a breeze.

Why Nuport

From a team of engineers, operators and data scientists, Nuport offers you outcomes for your supply chain in terms of reduced planning time, more visibility, and executable intelligence.

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Data Re-entry

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