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Oct 08, 2022

What is fleet management? Why is it essential in order to grow your business?

Amidst the myriad of things that have the ability to make or break your business, fleet management is one of the most pre-eminent ones. A good fleet management system doesn’t only help the company to grow but also makes your business much more efficient by saving both money and time. And to match with the energy of this technologically advanced era, the only way you can ensure a top-notch fleet management for your company is by using a fully digitalized fleet management software powered by intelligence and insights.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is one of the most critical components of the distribution industry. Fleet management is necessary for an organization to be able to use its vehicles responsibly and efficiently. Because it helps organizations identify and purchase vehicles that are most suited for their business and helps them reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of their fleet. A fleet can consist of anything from a single SUV to 20–30 trucks, depending on the size of the business. And the responsibility of your fleet management system is to manage and maintain inventory, track fuel usage and mileage, and ensure that the company vehicle is operating at its maximum potential. It also must analyze and predict future costs of each vehicle in order to understand how much depreciation occurs over time. And in order to get accurate data analysis and foolproof results every time, opting for a fleet management software is mandatory.

What is fleet management software?

To put up with the ever-growing workload of a fleet manager as all types of operational cost rises and roads get busier by the second, fleet management software is a dire necessity for companies with multiple vehicles. It is a system that records the whereabouts of each vehicle at all times in order to help maximize productivity. Fleet management software can make tasks like tracking how long it takes to make deliveries when vehicles are due for maintenance and how many miles they are traveling per day just a matter of one click. It doesn’t only save time, but also the chances of making an error are absolutely zero. And to make things easier, fleet management softwares are available in both desktop and mobile versions, which comes in very handy for when workers are on the go or even just to keep an eye across your company’s entire fleet operation. Put simply, a fleet management software helps you with

  • Foolproof management to conduct timely deliveries through optimized routes with optimum time efficiency
  • Instant crisis control for situations like unexpected deliveries, insufficient on-spot fleet, or even sick drivers.
  • Automated scheduling for delivery staff also easy rescheduling for absent staff
  • Tracking facilities for all the fleet for unified and integrated view in one screen.
  • Well mandated driver safety
  • Decreased need for staffing will save your company hundreds and thousands in wages.

Why is it important to use fleet management software?

Now, one might think that why is it important to opt for a software to do fleet management?

Well, as this is one of the critical elements which can make or break your company, it’s essential to ensure that your own fleet management is not weighing your company down. The process of managing one’s fleet is a sum of a lot of broken parts. Registering the vehicles, managing trips, maintenance records, geofencing, trip tracking, GPS tracking, and driver maintenance among others. Integrating all these data points in a unified platform enables companies to cut costs and make fast decisions. Therefore, by the grace of cutting-edge technology, not only does fleet management software make it extremely easy and very time-efficient for a growing business to manage your fleet, but also the accuracy, foolproof data analysis, instant solutions, and widespread facilities incorporating all such data, that a software can provide is unquestionably beyond human capabilities. And to ensure these results for your company, one of the best fleet management software the market offers that is powered by intelligence and analytics is Nuport.

Why Nuport Fleet Management?

Nuport is one of the market’s top fleet management software, which offers fleet management facilities and much more. All of the support that is ensured by Nuport Fleet Management are:


Nuport makes it extremely easy for you to surveil and manage your fleet by offering a unified and integrated view of all the vehicles on one screen, solving one of the biggest problems of distribution and logistics managers. And also provides accurate data analysis regarding routes and road time to avoid problems that lead to uncertainties in expected delivery times, and miscommunication which can result in a horrible user experience, thus hurting the company.


A distribution company’s most valuable assets are its drivers. Monitoring driver performance and safety is another important aspect of fleet management. Nuport uses VTS/GPS data to track traffic violence and driver behavior in order to take cautious and preventative steps. Driver cameras also allow long-haul drivers to be monitored and alerted of any ‘drowsy’ conduct in order to avoid accidents. Furthermore, traffic violations can add to fleet maintenance costs. The forward-facing cameras record common traffic violations such as tailgating and lane drifting and send auto alerts to the manager.


Distribution companies in Bangladesh spend anywhere from USD 6,000 Lacs to USD 24,000 a month on fuel expenses alone. By opting for Nuport route management systems, you can instantly find the shortest route to your destinations. They are also dynamic and automatically adjust to any destination changes. This means the user is constantly taking the path of the lowest fuel consumption and thus lower CO2 emissions. And most importantly, this will save you a minimum of 30% in fuel costs which indefinitely will make a significant impact on your balance sheets.


By using Nuport’s automation tools and alert engines, the number of people monitoring fleets can be drastically reduced. Instead of 4–5 page reports, insights and trends obtained from our sophisticated software will allow you more time for decision making and less time for analysis. And to add even more, fewer people means a lot less burn on wages for the transportation department, which will certainly reflect well on your balance sheet.

Suppose you want to work towards making an obstacle-free path for your burgeoning distribution business and ensure time and cost efficiency, a well-regulated regime and foolproof results. In that case, Nuport is the way to go. Schedule for a demo today!

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