Seamlessly automate your entire e-commerce business

A platform that connects to every e-commerce entity, automates repetitive tasks, increases visibility, and speeds up transactions.

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Nuport web app's create sales order page for e-commerce

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Nuport e-commerce enables e-commerce brands to grow and scale their business with integrated automation tools.

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Online e-Commerce Experience

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Integrated Order Management

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Inventory Management

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Delivery Partner Integration

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Customer Handover & Satisfaction

Nuport vendor management page

Vendor Management

  • Automatic vendor registry from the website
  • Automatic geocoded location of all vendors
  • Automatic reorder placement with vendors
Nuport order creation page

Integrated Order Management

  • Integrate all orders from all sources into one platform
  • Save time by skipping any double entry
  • Send automated customer updates
  • Instant inventory checks during ordering
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Nuport inventory management page

Automated Inventory Management & Distributed Warehousing Management

  • Direct check with order management
  • Automated inventory update using barcodes scanning
  • Picking list generation
  • Batch/serial number updates
  • Inventory planning & optimization
Nuport customer management page

Customer Portal

  • Automatic customer registry from the website
  • Automatic geocoded location
  • View customer spending habits
  • Auto-reward repeat customers
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Delivery Partner Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate with courier partner's platform
  • No more double entry
  • Automated status updates
  • Automated COD payment receipts
Nuport dashboard page

Data & Analytics

  • Find out your 'Top 10 Selling Items' and 'Customers' instantly
  • Get Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Analytics with Alerts
  • Monitor your order cycle time to keep track of lead time
  • Individual product sales analytics with inventory

Our customers are our partners in innovation

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Automation For Big Impact

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Integrated order management saves up to 66% of order re-entry time.

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Automatic distribution planning saves up to 85% of planning time.

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Improvement in fulfillment time through automated picking & packing instructions.

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Automatic inventory and credit check via integration saves up to 25% of order processing time.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Why do eCommerce companies need Nuport?
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Customers today have high expectations for service and and it’s increasingly hard to differentiate excellent service and customer experiences. The differentiating factor for Nuport is that Nuport is the scaling partner for any business. Your business requirements will change over time and our modules will get added on without you having to find another automation vendor. It enables a consistent, high-quality customer experience while enabling you to conquer the internal management challenges of inventory control and order fulfilment.

What types of eCommerce companies benefit from using a commerce management system like Nuport?
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Nuport helps small eCommerce-only businesses as well as large, enterprise omnichannel retailers. Nuport provides a centralized commerce management system that consolidates operations across sales channels and fulfillment locations, eliminates manual processes, improves data flow, all while reducing costs.

Does Nuport replace my eCommerce platform (shopping cart) software?
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No, Nuport does not replace your eCommerce platform, but rather integrates with it to improve performance, processes and time-to-market. Nuport's integrated order management is precisely designed to eliminate double entry by pulling data from your existing systems. Moreover, Nuport has the most experience in pre-built integrations with WooCommerce and Shopify.

Does Nuport have integrations with delivery or courier partners?
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Yes, Nuport have integrations with all the major delivery & courier partners. And with our Delivery Partners feature, you can send to your partners with all delivery details and data automatically. Therefore, it will reduce time of re-keying order information and minimize potential errors. Additionally, you can set rules and criteria to control courier selection for particular orders. So you’ll have the control to choose the most appropriate and profitable courier service.

Is Nuport an ERP system?
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No, Nuport is not a traditional ERP system. It does not have the full scope of ERP functionality such as financial, raw materials management or human resources tools. Nuport is a centralized management system specifically designed for the eCommerce industry and can provide all the functionality and tools needed to successfully manage today’s eCommerce businesses, including product, order, customer, warehouse and inventory management.

Does Nuport replace the need for an ERP system?
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It can, but, if you are already using an ERP system for their business, Nuport can easily integrate with it and just define which system will be managing what functions. If you are looking for your first system, in many cases Nuport can be that ERP system, or as we like to say the ERP for eCommerce system.

Who within my organization should be using Nuport?
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Nuport provides tools for most of your eCommerce operations, including your product and merchandising teams, warehouse managers, customer service, accounting, operations and purchasing.

Can I grant different access rights to different employees or teams?
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Yes, each user will be assigned a role in Nuport. A role is made up of groups of permissions. A group of permissions will generally include all the permissions in one area of Nuport. For example, a Warehouse Manager would be assigned a Warehouse role that includes all the permissions under the Warehouse menu. However, you can customize the permissions in a group to include as many or as little features across all functions of Nuport.

What is Nuport’s pricing model?
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Nuport’s solution is delivered through a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing model. Nuport consultants are also available for integration support. Nuport is committed to providing stellar service to eCommerce of all sizes and at all price points. The pricing model varies based on order volume and annual revenue, as well as features and functionality. Request a demo and one of Nuport’s consultants will provide you with more information.