Nuport Ecommerce Suite Pricing Tiers With Features

SaaS FeeBDT 5,000/MonthBDT 10,000/MonthBDT 15,000/Month
Order ManagementUpto 500 orders per monthUp To 3000 orders/monthFrom 3000 - 9,999 orders/monthUp To 10,000 - 20,000 orders/month
Product SKUsUpto 20 SKUsUp To 50 SKUsUp To 100 SKUs
Individual Product Sales
Individual Product Sales
Individual Product
Location Information
Advanced categorization
Mobile Access--Full-Stack Mobile Application
Customer PortalAdd/Edit/UploadAdd/Edit/Upload/Integrate
Includes Map View To Monitor Customer Density, Customer Order Pattern Charts, Customer Notes with Time Log
CRM Integrations
InventoryBasic Manual Entry/UpdateProduct Barcoding
Scanning and Tracing
Fulfillment Intelligence
Real Time Inventory Tracking
Shelf Life Monitoring
Reorder points & Low stock alerts
Inbound and Outbound Item management
Shelf Life Extension
Barcode Scanning
Batch Tracking
Basic ReportsSales Reports, Inventory, ReportsSales Reports
Product Sales Reports
Order Fulfillment Report
Pending Order Report
Traceability Report
Fleet Intelligence Report
Advanced Supply Chain ReportsInventory Performance Report
Inventory profitability report
Inventory value report
Stock levels report
Inventory forecasting report
Purchase order report
Cost of goods sold (COGS) report
Shipment trends report
Customer analytics report
DashboardOrders, Sales, Order Status %, Order CycleTime, Product Wise Sales, Top 10 ProductsMap View Consumption List, Orders, Sales, Order Status %, Order CycleTime, Product Wise Sales, Top 10 Product (Images and Graphs), Top 10 CustomersCustomizable Dashboard
UsersUp to 2 usersUp To 5 usersUp To 25 usersUp To 100 users
Insights and Analytics AlertsInventory alertsPredictive alerts
Vendor ManagementAdd/Edit/Upload/Integrate
Includes Map View To Monitor Customer Density, Vendor's Purchase Order Pattern Charts, Vendors Notes with Time Log
Evaluate Vendor Performance
Established Standardized processes for managing vendor contracts
Improve supplier relationship
Add vendor Manually
Upload vendor
list All vendor
locations in map view
Search and filter Vendor
Vendor Platform IntegrationPlatform Dependent
Customer Support24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support
Dedicated After Sales SupportHands-On Upgradation Support As Per Necessary
Dedicated Relationship ManagerYes
Extensive Cloud Data MigrationsYes
Cloud IntegrationsYes
On-Demand Training Yes
Basic data source imports (excel, csv, and Google Drive)Orders
Cloud Base File Storage (Per User)Yes
Advanced Security and Admin ControlYes
Payment Method IntegrationsBank Payment Integrations, 3rd Party Gateway Integrations
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